Monday, September 6, 2010 - It's great to be a dad!

I have been struggling to find good websites or blogs that are relevant to parents of school age children or teenagers and that aren't part of a government site. (Not that there's anything wrong with .gov sites ;)) Earlychildhood sites proliferate, perhaps because of the baby boom of the past five or so years. I guess as the children of those bloggers grow up, perhaps their websites will evolve too! The link I've included below is a comprehensive site based in New Zealand. It is well worth a look. - It's great to be a dad!


  1. I came across this site today 'Literacy, families and learning', which I thought might interest you, Antonia.

  2. Hi Skye, I finally went to Trevor's blog. It's great to see an Australian writer/commentator who also features lots of great Australian books. I have added it as a link on the side, and will be featuring it on the blog soon. Thanks for suggesting it!