Monday, January 31, 2011

Australia Day

Our family celebrated Australia Day in a very stereotypical way: at the beach, with a sausage sizzle. However, it was also lovely to come home for a light tea of (homemade) sushi, which I feel illustrates another reason to be grateful we live here - our multiculturalism which has seen Australia accept, accommodate and later welcome people from many countries. It has saddened me in recent years to see Australia Day marked by jingoistic outpourings of superficial nationalism/patriotism. I would like to see it a more reflective time (although it could be argued that we have ANZAC Day for that.) How do you feel?

This is a great post from Trevor Cairney's blog. It is filled with suggestions for exploring different aspects of Australian identity through children's literature.
Literacy, families and learning: Australia Day

P.S. The sushi was not intended as a symbolic gesture - it was delicious! The symbolism occured to me later!

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