Sunday, June 12, 2011

625 - My favourite number!

Today I'm celebrating 625 visits to my blog. 625 is my lucky number, because it is 25 squared. My favourite numbers (for no reason) have always been 6,2 and 5. This has nothing to do with any sort of astrological or numerological system, I just like these numbers. I'm not advertising this post on facebook, I just wanted to share that little bit of trivia with my loyal readers or anyone who might come here by accident. Hello out there! I wish I could make you a virtual cuppa and bikkie to say thanks.

I recently took part in a survey about language use. It was being carried out as part of some PhD research. It was very interesting, looking at language acquisition and use of people from hearing and non-hearing households.  I had never really taken the time before to think about what it would be like to be a hearing person to have two deaf parents, and to have a sign language be one's first language, rather than a spoken language.  Some of the questions related to how much time one spends speaking to various people each day, and it struck me that so much of our 'conversation' these days is done by written words - texting, chatting online, email etc. In the past we would not have been able to contact people that way, or communicate with them so readily, but on the other hand we would have spent more time talking to the people who were actually near us. So here I am talking to you, when my children are in the next room, and I should perhaps be talking to them!

I think I'll sign off now.....

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