Saturday, June 11, 2011

Procrastination -the explanation

After weeks and months of hibernation, a springlike quickening is innervating (enervating? there is a distinct difference), my blog. This is fuelled by:

1. My husband's amused and amusingly repetitive asking "So, how is your blog going? How long since your last post" (or perhaps he is saying Last Post - with capitals...).  I am notorious at starting things and not finishing them, which is good for something like a marriage, or a block of chocolate, but not so great for things like Masters degrees and law degrees.

2.  My husband's absence.  He is overseas at a conference at the moment, and I am missing him a lot.  I love him ridiculously much, and love just spending time with him when he is here, and tend to put off all but the most pressing (or most loudly whinging) tasks. Soppy I know!

3. What I should be doing: I have been on leave from teaching for so long now that in order to maintain my registration, I have to complete a Restart teaching course.  It is not difficult or onerous.  In fact, I am really enjoying it.  It is great to be talking to teachers about teaching again.  The course is really worthwhile, and I am learning a lot, because it has a strong emphasis on digital learning, and developing my skills with technology, as well as exploring all the systemic and curricular changes that have happened while I've been away.  Th problem is, the facilitators are extremely understanding about how busy the participants' lives can be, and so are very flexible with deadlines. This is not good for me.  I am a totally last minute person. This has a spontaneous upside, but is not very helpful in Real Life.

So there you have it.  I'm procrastinating. But I am really excited about how many people, maybe even some of them new, are visiting my blog.  It feels great to be writing for fun for a change.  I just need to go and finish this course and then I can write for fun without the nagging guilt! 

P.S. Another way I can tell I'm in procrstination mode: My house is presentable, and the ironing is almost up to about you?

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