Friday, June 10, 2011

Celebrating 50 years of James and the Giant Peach

Can you believe it? Roald Dahl's juicy tale of the boy who escapes the clutches of his snozzgusting aunts with the help of his gloriously ginormous and groobly friends is 50 years old! (Have you read it to your kids yet? Or to someone else's?) This is an official site which enables fans to create and name a virtual peach which is emailed to a friend, who passes it on etc etc. The aim is to see if it can go to 50 people. You can track your peach's journey on the site, and the miles it travels are tallied as well.  My 6 year old son and I are having a race to see whose peach will travel the furthest.  So far my peach is in Townsville, whilst his is wreaking havoc in Sydney. Will you join us in our quest?

You can also print out a paper peach and send it to a friend by snail mail (which is probably possible in giant peachland)

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